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Owners of a townhouse automatically become members of the Cherokee Village Townhouse Association (CVTA). The $960 annual assessment provides for operation of facilities and renovations, lawn care, trimming, improvements, repairs, tree work, and more! 2024 Newsletter Link

Yearly assessments may be paid in one payment. Monthly Assessments must be paid via ACH (auto draft) from your bank. It is the most reliable service and free! Click here

2024 Information Forms: It is the responsibility of the owners to provide up-to-date contact information (name, address, phone, email) to the CVTA.

Please familiarize yourself with the services provided, your responsibilities, and to understand the documents listed below. e.g. Rules and Regulations
Handbook, By Laws, Protective Covenants, Bill of Assurance, Articles of

CVTA is managed by a Board of Directors made up of servant minded volunteers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a board member.

Text/phone: 870-710-1710

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9 am – noon, or by appointment

Please include your question with your name and address. Board members are assigned to particular tasks. You will be directed to who may best assist you!



  • Monday – Friday 9 am – 10 am (year round)
  • Monday – Friday 5 pm – 6 pm (Labor Day through Memorial Day)

A pass card is provided to each owner for the community center and both pools. The indoor pool, bathrooms, and community center are located on Santee Drive. The outdoor swimming pool is located on the corner Annette Street and Arkansas HWY 175. Parking is available on the corner.

Pool usage is limited to CVTA owners and owners’ authorized guests if accompanied by card holder. For a monthly charge, long term Board approved tenants of at least 6 months or more, as well as other groups specifically approved by the Board are authorized to use pool.

Pool hours: Daily from 6 am to 9 pm. Facilities may be closed during inclement weather. Do not swim during thunderstorms, hail, or lightening. Sliding doors: keep closed except in case of an emergency. Upon exiting turn off the lights and be sure the entrance doors are locked.

Groups use the indoor pool during specific times posted in the lobby (Pool parties will NOT be reserved at either pool). Please plan your swimming time accordingly. Lifesaving equipment is located on the indoor wall and outside pool fence. In case of emergency, call 911. Shout for help.

Every pool card holder MUST ACCOMPANY every guest. Owners/tenants, and their guests must adhere to the following rules in the pool and its adjacent areas:

Swim at your own risk. Lifeguards are not provided.

CVTA is not liable for injuries, accidents, or lost items.

Alcohol, cannabis, narcotics, medications, vaping, tobacco products are prohibited.

Persons with heart disease, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, any illness or health concern, consult with your doctor before swimming.

Registered guests only. Report an unauthorized user.

Horseplay, running, *jumping, diving are prohibited.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Glass and pets are not permitted. Soaps, oils, shampoo, etc. are prohibited.

Floating devices may be used with the consent of others present.

Proper swimwear is required. Babies must be in swim diapers. Cuts-offs, thongs, t-backs, or street clothing are prohibited.

Do not adjust any temperatures or controls.

Pick up chairs before moving. Leave pool area orderly.

Report offenders of rules. Card holders or their guests who violate rules could result in the termination of the pool pass card. For reinstatement will require Board approval.

If vandalism is observed, call 911 and a board member. Vandalism at either pool will not be tolerated, be reported to the police, and privileges withdrawn.

Be courteous. Watch out for each other. Take care of our facilities. Swim safely!

CHEROKEE VILLAGE SWIM CLUB is composed of townhouse owners as well as non-CVTA residents. The swim club uses the indoor pool. Swim times are listed in the lobby of the community center and CherokeeVillageTownhouse.com

MEDICAL PASS CARDS for non-CVTA residents is permitted for a monthly fee of $40 plus a doctor’s note requesting the need for heated pool swim privileges. One guest may accompany the person holding a medical pass if assistance is needed.

Pools and Community Room may close during inclement weather. Slip/Fall Hazard! Please be careful!

2024 Meeting Schedule

Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors normally meet the second Tuesday at 6 PM each month however may change without notice at such a place and hour as may be fixed from time to time by resolution of the Board.

Special Meetings


2024 Quarterly Meetings

July 9          6 PM

October 8  6 PM

Board of Directors, Technicians, and A.C.C. Committee

President   Ed

Treasurer Kathy

Secretary Cindy

Pool Pass Debbie

Member   Ed

Community Room Reservations (for owners):
Write Your Name, Time, and Phone on the Calendar in the Kitchen

Contact Info

  •    Cherokee Village Townhouse     Association



    P.O. Box 475
    Cherokee Village, AR 72525

  • Outdoor Pool
    Annette Drive &  Arkansas HWY 175

    Indoor Pool & Community Room
    30 Santee Drive

  • 870-710-1710


    9 am – noon

    or by appointment